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I made this blog private for nearly a month and thought a lot about blogging and how I want to approach it. I enjoy blogging, but blogging while you have a mental illness can sometimes be a challenge. I struggle with being open—and by that I mean writing under my name. The world isn’t always very understanding of mental illness; in fact, it can be downright hostile at times.

During the month, I have continued to read blogs and to follow some. I very much enjoy connecting with others and that is why I prefer blogging to more mainstream social media. Blogging is often poignant and intimate—more so than social media that heavily depends upon glossed up images of happy times.

Over the past few weeks, I have read articles about Brittany Spears and Halsey—both struggle with mental illness openly. Many reader comments show the absolute lack of understanding regarding mental illness and those did sadden me. Despite the stigma, both singers seem to be successfully managing their conditions openly, and I think this helps others who are struggling and are afraid to seek treatment.

Being open about mental illness, for me, is about connecting with others who share my struggles, but also, it is about encouraging others when they are struggling and showing the world that people with mental illness can lead largely healthy lives and can achieve their goals.

People with mental illness may need support, patience, and encouragement at times. Sometimes it may seem like we’ve given up and there is no hope for us, but when we are in a better place and learning how to manage our conditions, I think we prove that people with mental illness are not “weak”. People who assume this have the luxury of never experiencing brain failure, except for, of course, in terms of logic and analysis based on science. 

I would like this blog to reflect that I have not given up hope in my ability to achieve my goals and to, ultimately, enjoy life—even when the pain feels too much to endure.


Photo by Yiran Ding on Unsplash


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